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Sohh.com | Solange Turns Into Bridezilla, Kim Kardashian Caught Cheating, Big Sean & Ariana Grande's Wet Kiss? - Sohh.com

With women still on your mind, did Kim Kardashian get caught cheatingher Instagram followers? Staying in a California State of Mind, are Ariana Grande and Big Sean getting even more serious with the public kissing? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think. 1. Oh No Is Solange really a hot-tempered woman? Its hard to believe she would turn tantrum-happy at any given moment but theres a little buzz going around. Bossip has the info : Newlyweds Solo and Alan Ferguson were photographed catching a honeymoon flight out of Miami Friday, but it looked like they had both a bad driver and bad weather to contend with on their way out of town. (Bossip) Is this just a matter of a bad photo being taken?

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