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Three Fitness Secrets Of Hollywood Moms - Yahoo News

My second child just turned 13 months old and I dont think my body will ever quite be the same. I appreciate Kims candor because it seems that most Hollywood moms get their bodies back so quickly after birth. Leah Keller, creator of The Dia Method , (pregnancy and post pregnancy exercises) reveals how regular moms can achieve celebrity results. The secret to getting your body back post-pregnancy comes down to science, she says. Most pregnancies cause some degree of abdominal separation, a medical condition called diastasis recti, which leaves women with the dreaded mommy pooch. Diastasis recti (the pooch) can be eliminated without surgery when moms perform the right kind of core training. In addition to exercise, Leah also shares other ways to help get rid of that very stubborn belly fat. The non-surgical tummy tuck: 1 key move (Leah Keller, creator of The Dia Method, seen performing side planks - The Dia Method) Perform these side planks daily, and you will see measurable results in 6-8 weeks. This is not an ordinary side plank! The secret lies in how you breathe.

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