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Paris Hilton Owns 1,000 Pairs Of Shoes

The hotel more... heiress has her own walk-in shoe closet in her Beverly Hills mansion and admits most of the footwear on display is from her own eponymous line or from Louboutin since she loves the upmarket brands heels. She told Britains OK! magazine: Ive probably got well over a thousand pairs of shoes in total! I have a lot of shoes because Im a designer as well Ive had my shoe line for about eight years now so I have a lot of those, and I also get sent a lot of sample shoes because Im a designer. I love Louboutins and own lots of pairs. All girls love shoes! Paris who was catapulted into the spotlight on reality show The Simple Life likes to exercise in her spare time and credits Pilates for keeping her slim figure so Kim Kardashian toned. She added: I love doing Pilates if Im in town Ill do it five times a week with a trainer. sites If Im travelling Ill try to go to the hotel gym or go swimming.
Source http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/radio/paris-hilton-owns-1000-pairs-of-shoes/

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