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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Bikini Body On Magazine Cover ? Video

Check out the video below for a good look at the cover and to hear what Kim had to say about see here it. I don't know if I really love that shot. I'm so critical of myself, so I http://most-tv.ru/faq/kim-kardashian-and-ray-j-sex-tape-everyone look at it [and] I'm like, Alright I have to get back in the gym, don't slack for the holidays, after seeing that. And I'm like, I have a couple more [pounds] to go, Kim says. She also explains that she was in Miami because shed accompanied fiance Kanye West there on tour, and she official site decided to go to the beach with 3 of her friends. However, when she noticed the paparazzi were there, she realized she wouldnt be getting the chance to work on her tan or have a swim, so they left. Regardless of whether Kim had the photo op pre-arranged with the paparazzi or not, theres no denying that shes back to her pre-pregnancy weight.
Full story: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Kim-Kardashian-Shows-Off-Bikini-Body-on-Magazine-Cover-Video-408371.shtml

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