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Videos Farrah Abraham Keeks Naked? To Appear On Comedy Central?

Farrah Abraham Heres a description of Attells series from the press release: The untitled late night stand-up series will be hosted by Attell and consist of eight half-hour episodes featuring him Farrah video and his fellow comedians as never seen before: uncensored and unfiltered. The series will celebrate comics in their website their truest and most authentic form and will feature sets from up-and-coming talent as other well as familiar faces in the comedy world as well as unscripted, interstitial moments throughout each episode. Im guessing whatever Farrah is doing with the network, it doesnt really anything to do with the Dave Attell series she probably just got VIP tickets and was in the audience. That theory seems to be backed up by a photo tweeted by Farrah Thursday night featuring her daughter Sophia having a microphone put on her by a member of a production crew: Thats my baby wearing a mic Farrah tweeted before adding the hashtags #CelebrityBaby #Star and #FilmingTV I just cant imagine the Dave Attell series bringing in Sophia, but I suppose with Farrah anythings possible. (Plus, we should all keep in mind that Attell does have his own video series called Daves Old Porn that Farrah sans Sophia might be ideal for as a special guest.) Whatever it is that Farrah and Sophia are filming, it sure must be exhausting! At least it appears that way from this next video uploaded to keek by Farrah not long after the microphone photo in which Farrah appears to be nude (except for a headband and some rather intimidating fake eyelashes) as she talks about her and Sophias busy day: So, its the end of the night and Soph has been working her bum off today, Farrah says before panning over to show Sophia face down asleep on the bed. She passed out and I am still working, like other mommies totally get, Farrah continues.
Full story: http://starcasm.net/archives/254422

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