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Kim Kardashian Criticized For Donating Just 10 Percent Of ?charity Auction? To Typhoon Victims

Come on 50% at least, wrote one. Another tweeted: How dare you use these peoples misery to make money? Dont you and boyfriend have enough money without using these poor wretched souls in their hour of desperation. Shame on you! Yet the E! reality star has been opening up her personal wardrobe to fans via http://neliastory.sweetcircles.com/2013/10/ the eBay Giving Works auction umbrella for several years, even long before she was a hugely known name in the entertainment industry, as FOX411 revealed last year. It has always been the case with her auctions that a disclosed 10 percent -- the minimal amount required by the eBay charitable arm -- would be donated to her designated philanthropic cause.
Full visit their website story: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/12/05/kim-kardashian-criticized-for-donating-just-10-percent-charity-auction-to/

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